About Axon Centers

Axon Training & Management Consultancy provides a wide range of training development services and world class management consulting services. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Axon Center is a multinational network of companies with branch offices in the State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia. Axon delivers state-of-the-art training and business solutions to corporate and individual clients gearing for growth and prosperity.

Our philosophy is to build close business relationships with our clients through our high quality advisory, training and development services, and our management consultancy. Our approach is to work attentively with our clients and deliver superior results that drive a competitive advantage to our clients. We aim to bring relevant insights and up to date thinking that help our client meet their business objectives. We offer  innovative training and development courses to help organizations promote competence among their capabilities towards the achievement of their corporate goals. We strive to enable a positive learning environment that focuses on the development of the trainee. We have created an extensive curriculum to meet the trainees’ interests in diversified skills and careers. We provide highly qualified and efficient trainers to guide the training participants. And finally, we strive to give excellent customer service to each client.
To be a world-class provider of training and management consulting services through innovative business solutions to the corporate and individual customers in the State of Qatar region and abroad.
To raise the corporate and individual standards by helping the organizations and professionals achieve their business objectives through the delivery of elite training programs and cutting-edge business consulting solutions. To conduct research, develop and produce superior training and workshops that will empower the private and public sectors of today and the future.

  •  Spread the culture of innovation and professionalism within Qatar and abroad.
  •  Introduce and develop elite training products and practical business consulting solutions to keep up with the growth in various industries and reinforce our client’s competitive position.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction for quality services.
  • Invest in human resources for preparation of highly qualified professionals of exclusive calibers in diverse fields.
  • Valuing differences among our staff members, we work to give everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and talents.
  • We embed diversity and inclusion through our core values on integrity and the best people.
  • We have an established human resource standard which help us to effectively recruit a developed and engaging staff. As part of these standards we value different views and opinions, to respect each employee’s personal needs, and to promote a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.
  • In all areas of our business activities we aim to include diversity and inclusion of principles and practices. They are an integral part of our human resources policy and best practice for continued success.

Management Consultancy Services

Axon Training & Management Consultancy is a premier consulting firm that specializes in helping people, teams, and organizations achieve maximum effectiveness. Considered one of the most comprehensive consulting, coaching, and training firms in the region, we provide services to organizations of all sizes. Axon partners with clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Your reliable consultants

Axon offers an expert staff of senior practitioners, providing our clients with exceptional experience, diversified insight, and a long-term strategic partnership. We are a results-oriented, solutions based firm that handles the challenges of today’s businesses – at every level of their organization. Axon provides a broad range of services to individuals and companies across the nation and internationally, including consulting, coaching, training, and short & long-term engagements.