Axon’s Accounting & Finance Training Program offers various modules that have been designed to cover the basic foundation of accounting in both conventional and Islamic settings including other issues surrounding accounting and investment. Each course provides insight into the fundamentals of the financial world (conventional & Islamic), to include various processes, products, markets and applicable risks involved in complex market scenarios such as knowledge in International Standards on Auditing and Money Laundering related regulations.

• Development of key people in an organization to be a cut above the rest
• Cost effective way to improve workplace efficiencies
• Generate leadership potential and succession planning of the workforce
• The skills, knowledge, competencies and tools will enhance effectiveness in job performance
• Provide opportunity for career enhancement
• Avenue for practical forum and opportunity for networkingTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
FIN-E/1 Islamic Financial Accounting 3 days 12
FIN-E/2 Analyzing Financial Statements for Executives 3 days 12
FIN-E/3 International Financial Reporting Standards 3 days 12
FIN-E/4 Shari’ah Standards 3 days 12
FIN-E/5 Financial Engineering Industry 3 days 12
FIN-E/6 Budget Preparation in Islamic Banking 3 days 12
FIN-E/7 Accounting for Non-Accounts 3 days 12
FIN-E/8 Planning & Analyzing Financial Statements 3 days 12
FIN-E/9 Planning & Analyzing Financial Reports According to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 3 days 12
FIN-E/10 International Standards on Auditing 3 days 12
FIN-E/11 Preparing Cash – Flow Statements 3 days 12
FIN-E/12 Latest Developments in Anti Money Laundering
& Terrorism Fianace
3 days 12