Axon’s training program for HR Professionals is designed to develop your HR team’s foundational and strategic competencies. This program provides the best way to develop a cohesive, effective HR team that works strategically to meet your company’s goals. Various modules under this program will enhance HR knowledge that refines processes and provides an excellent team-building opportunity for your organization. From legal compliance, to assuming the role of an HR business partner, to recruitment and retention strategies, this program gives expert instructors and tailored training modules, unique to your organization’s needs.

• Development of key people in an organization to be a cut above the rest
• Cost effective way to improve workplace efficiencies
• Generate leadership potential and succession planning of the workforce
• The skills, knowledge, competencies and tools will enhance effectiveness in job performance
• Provide opportunity for career enhancement
• Avenue for practical forum and opportunity for networkingTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
1 Contemporary trends in HR administration 4 days 16
2 Integrated skills of preparing trainers and training administration 4 days 16
3 Contemporary strategies in specifying training needs 4 days 16
4 Job classification and preparation of job description card 4 days 16
5 Contemporary trends in evaluating employees’ performance 4 days 16
6 HR conduct planning 4 days 16
7 Strategies and international trends of training administration and career development 4 days 16
8 Skills and steps of organizational structures and job description and performance evaluation 4 days 16
9 Training planning conduct, specifying needs and preparing budgets for training 4 days 16
10 Planning and developing career track for employees 4 days 16
11 Strategies and techniques of recruitment administration and specifying career track 4 days 16
12 Rehabilitation of training coordinators and analysts 4 days 16
13 Preparing trainers 4 days 16
14 Skills of recruitment ,nomination and selection 4 days 16
15 HR strategies 4 days 16
16 Policies and skills of nomination and art of interviewing 4 days 16