Shari’ah Consultancy and Advisory Services
• Shari’ah Advisory services
• Converting Conventional Financial Entities to Islamic Financial Entities
• Shari’ah Audit
• Structuring/Restructuring Shari’ah Compliant Products
• Innovation and Development of Islamic Finance Products

Shari’ah Supervisory Services
• Shari’ah Supervision and Compliance Assessments
• Shari’ah Fatwa’s (Rulings)
• Shari’ah Board Secretarial Job
• Designing the Policies and Procedures for Islamic Products

Shari’ah Audit Services
• Shari’ah Audit and Review
• Islamic Accounting and Zakah Calculation
• Issuing the Periodical Reports on Shari’ah Compliance
• Follow up of Shari’ah Pronouncements and Rulings issued by the Shari’ah Board

Research and Studies
• Producing Contemporary Islamic Finance Researches
• Printing books on Islamic Finance
• Publish Articles in a Public Newspaper for Educational Purpose
• Scientific Supervision over the Activities of Doha Islamic Finance Annual Conference