Marketing and sales training can deliver significant business benefits. Training key personnel through this program will help develop better sales technique, customer service skills and marketing expertise. Participants will have wide exposure on various aspects on marketing topics such as marketing plans, research, marketing opportunities measurement and other strategies. Also included in this program is enhancement of public relations in international setting. The topic coverage includes modern administration of information, conferences preparation, public relations protocol and media, etc.

• Accelerate Sales force performance
• Development of key people in an organization to be a cut above the rest
• Cost effective way to improve workplace efficiencies
• Generate leadership potential and succession planning of the workforce
• The skills, knowledge, competencies and tools will enhance effectiveness in job performance
• Provide opportunity for career enhancement
• Avenue for practical forum and opportunity for networkingTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
1 Advanced skills of vital marketing plans preparation and satisfying customers from comprehensive perspective of quality 4 days 16
2 Strategies of public relations conduct, negotiation skills and solving problems of public relations 4 days 16
3 Ceremonies ,protocol and etiquette 4 days 16
4 Conducting public relations for the interior public 4 days 16
5 Vital marketing: research and conduct 4 days 16
6 Electronic public relations 4 days 16
7 Modern administration of information and public relations department 4 days 16
8 Methods of planning measuring efficiency of effective of information campaigns 4 days 16
9 Preparation of conferences, protocol, festivals and art of effective influnce 4 days 16
10 Modern administration trends of public relations departments and media in public and private sectors 4 days 16
11 Developing creative and leading skills for media and public relations’ managers 4 days 16
12 Methods and measurement of marketing opportunities in foreign markets 4 days 16
13 Marketing strategies to enter upon local and international markets 4 days 16
14 Strategic planning for media campaigns 4 days 16
15 Integrated curriculum for public relations, planning and their role in ad- ministrative distinction realization 4 days 16
16 Strategies of modern marketing plans preparation 4 days 16
17 Integrated systems for public relations, protocol and media 4 days 16
18 Communication skills with media 4 days 16
19 Basics of cooperation and international relations 4 days 16
20 Information skills for public relations 4 days 16
21 Planning and conducting media institutions 4 days 16
22 Effective communication, influence, persuation, and leading negotation 4 days 16