This program is suitable for employees who want to give boost on their professional qualification. Various courses relating to professional works are being offered which include Management Executive Secretary, Certificate of Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, CMA. CPA, Project Management Professional and other related courses.

• Development of key people in an organization to be a cut above the rest
• Cost effective way to improve workplace efficiencies
• The skills, knowledge, competencies and tools will enhance effectiveness in job performance
• Provide opportunity for career enhancement
• Avenue for practical forum and opportunity for networkingTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
PMP-E/1 Office Management Executive Secretary (OMES) 15 days 60
PMP-E/2 Business Administration (BA) 15 days 60
PMP-E/3 Certificate of Marketing Management 5 days 20
PMP-E/4 Certificate of Human Resources Management 5 days 20
PMP-E/5 Certificate of Public Relation Management 5 days 20
PMP-E/6 (CMA) Certified Management Accountant – Level 1 of 4 levels 20 days 80
PMP-E/7 Certified Public Accountant – Module 1 of 3 Modules 30 days 120
PMP-E/8 Project Management Professional (PMP) 10 days 40
PMP-E/9 International Business Driving Licenses (IBDL) 12 days 48
PMP-E/10 International Computer Driving licenses (ICDL) 20 days 80