This program introduces the participants to the regulation of financial markets and the key players in this industry. It covers various modules such as provisions of dealing in the stock market, company formation stages, differentiation of shares, bonds & sukuk, difference of Islamic and Conventional Financial Institution and many other interesting related topics.

• Gain comprehensive understanding about financial market operation.
• The skills, knowledge, competencies and tools will enhance effectiveness in job performance
• Provide better knowledge in various investment options and strategies
• Avenue for practical forum and opportunity for networkingTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
STK-E/1 Provisions of Dealing in the Stock Market 3 days 12
STK-E/2 Stages of Company Formation the Ruling of Shares of each Stage 3 days 12
STK-E/3 The Differences Between Shares and Bonds, Sukuk and Investment Units 3 days 12
STK-E/4 The Difference Between Islamic Conventional Financial Institutions 3 days 12
STK-E/5 (Types of Companies and How to Calculate the Rate of Tat-Heer) Purification 3 days 12
STK-E/6 Zakah & Tat-heer Rate Calculation 3 days 12