This training program provides the basic expectations of employers regarding timeliness, staying on task, building habits, informing others of issues and thinking forward. It covers various modules relating to principles of institutional allegiance among employees, self development and coping with pressure, effective communication, time management and other personal development course. It provides a good set of standards for staff to work to. This program also covers customer service modules whereby the participants will have basic knowledge on customer satisfaction topics. These include public relations management, distinctive customer service, measurement of customer satisfaction and other related topics.

• Accelerate core employees performance
• Development of key people in an organization to be a cut above the rest
• Cost effective way to improve workplace efficiencies
• The skills, knowledge, competencies and tools will enhance effectiveness in job performance
• Provide opportunity for career enhancement
• Avenue for practical forum and opportunity for networkingTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
1 Establishing principles of institutional allegiance among employees 4 days 16
2 Distinctive customer service (advanced) 4 days 16
3 How to develop yourself and cope with pressure 4 days 16
4 Effective communications and dealing with others 4 days 16
5 Skills of dealing with different personalities 4 days 16
6 Measuring customers’ satisfaction 4 days 16
7 Time organization and self-management skills 4 days 16
8 Public relations management 4 days 16
9 Time management and solving problems 4 days 16
10 Negotiation and persuasion skills 4 days 16
11 Measuring customers’ satisfaction regarding services 4 days 16