The Sharia’ah Supervision and Auditing course gives an in-depth explanation on the Shariah audit body in terms of its scope of specialties and its position pertinent to the organizational structure within Islamic financial institutions. It presents to participants how initiation of an active Shariah regulatory and audit body in Islamic financial institutions is done. An explanation on the working plan of the regulatory body and how it achieves efficiency over the executive body is also a main area of discussion.

• Explain the objective and process of the Shariah inspection practices in Islamic financial institutions
• Recognize the relationships between Shariah audit and Shariah supervision
• Discuss how to develop a Shariah audit programme and its implementation
• Explain and analyse the necessities of preparing a Shariah audit report
• Develop a sample Shariah audit programme and a Shariah audit reportTraining Program

No Course Title Duration Hrs
AUDT-E/1 Fundamentals of Shari’ah Audit 3 days 12
AUDT-E/2 Professional Shari’ah Auditing 3 days 12
AUDT-E/3 Shari›ah Audit Systems in Islamic Institutions 3 days 12
AUDT-E/4 Shari ah Audit on Online International Stock Trading 3 days 12
AUDT-E/5 Applications of Shari’ah Auditing 3 days 12
AUDT-E/6 Directory for Managing Internal Auditing 3 days 12
AUDT-E/7 Shari’ah Audit in Takaful Companies 3 days 12
AUDT-E/8 Developing Shari’ah Audit Skills for letter of Credit Staff 3 days 12
AUDT-E/9 Quality Control for Shari’ah Auditors 3 days 12
AUDT-E/10 Central Bank’s Role in Shari’ah Audit for Financial Institutions 3 days 12
AUDT-E/11 Professional Report Writing on Shari’ah Issues 3 days 12
AUDT-E/12 Shari’ah Supervision of Treasury Operations 3 days 12